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    Identity Promotion

    Web is a major tool for creating and growing BRAND IDENTITY. It is also the cheapest form if used in scientific method.

    Technosoft pushes your identity, giving value for your money Corporate Identity is the distinctive image a corporate builds to differentiate itself. Every corporate/company, big or small needs to have an identity to remain in business for long time. Its major components include branding, trademarks, Logos and slogans / punch-lines.

    Identity speaks about the company’s philosophy and culture. An identity is spread through web sites, Print matters and Mails or rather every outward communication a company makes to the world. TechnoIdentity provides integrated logo design, corporate identity consulting and web design services. We work with companies looking to create an identity for the first time and with companies seeking to re-evolve an existing identity.

    High End Deliverables for your multimedia presentation designing and corporate presentation Rapid Turnaround time in preparing the corporate presentation using effective multimedia presentation designing.

    • •  Logo design and redesign
    • •  Corporate identity consulting
    • • Identity and brand driven web design

    We create logos and identities that meet the needs of:

      •  New media identity packages (websites, icons, etc.)
      •  Traditional identity packages (business cards, stationery, brochures, packaging, signage, sales kits, media advertising, etc.)

    Logo, Identity and Web Design Services

    Techno Logo works with new and established companies to provide integrated logo design, corporate identity and web design services that include:

    Logo Design

    • •  New logo design
    • •  Logo redesign (revolutionary and evolutionary changes)

    Corporate Identity

    • •  Corporate identity package consulting
    • •  Identity usage guidelines development

    Identity and Brand Driven Web Design

    • •  Integrated logo, identity and web design services
    • •  Web design services include

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