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    Web Maintenance

    Any transaction-oriented web site like one that helps passengers make flight reservations online, or hotel reservations online, would need to ensure that it doesn’t at any point stop functioning or throw up errors. Even if it did, it is imperative that the problem is attended to immediately without any delay. Doesn’t it make sense to have a dedicated team who is ready and waiting to set right any such problems that such an application encounters?

    Most companies have some sort of web-based solution which often, is crucial for its day to day functioning . Hence, a dedicated application maintenance team to maintain the application is a given . But companies cannot be bothered with hiring and maintaining a special in-house team for this purpose. Also, the cost in terms of resources and space becomes limiting. Outsourcing the job to our maintenance team for a fraction of the cost will make better sense. Click here to fill in the web site maintenance form.

    We undertake all kinds of application maintenance and technical support work. Among the many applications and web sites that we've helped maintain, here are a few examples of the diverse range of support services that we provide.

    We are talking of websites that fall under the ‘mission critical’ category, those that touch a million people’s lives every minute of the day. A dedicated team working on maintaining your web site in real-time, that is capable of offering quality support services is imperative here. Customer support services and regular maintenance services can ensure that a website remains fresh and updated. .

    A maintenance team can also make a big difference while adding Enhancements to an existing website. When a web site is developed and ready to be displayed online, you will begin to receive feedback from your customers about the site. This is your target audience giving you their opinion and you can’t afford to overlook their suggestions. In such a scenario, you would need someone to make those necessary changes fast and efficiently. Going to a web development company for this work is not the solution because we may be talking of minor Enhancements that they may not be interested in fixing. The answer would be to work with a dedicated maintenance team who are just a click or a telephone call away. A team who can make these changes and upload them in real-time!

    There is always the need to keep your web site looking current and relevant. It could mean updating company news and information, adding new product announcements, job opportunities, and corporate information, staffing changes. This is another reason for working with a maintenance team.

    We offer our clients different types of maintenance contracts depending on the frequency of the maintenance work. We structure our services around a set monthly fee based on the number of hours we estimated for your work each month. If the work exceeds the contracted amount, we will let you know well in advance and execute it only with your approval. We ensure that there is no room for hidden charges or surprise billing.

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